Trnava – little slovak Rome

Because of the many churches within its city walls, Trnava has often been called “parva Roma”, i.e. “Little Rome”, or more recently, the “Slovak Rome”.
“Consider each day as your best day. “
slovak proverb
“He who lives nearest the church, always comes the latest.”
slovak proverb
“Misfortune teaches us to pray.”
slovak proverb
“Each of us is the forger of his own happiness.”
slovak proverb
“The sun loves to peer into the home where love is.”
slovak proverb
“Barter like a gypsy, but pay like a gentleman”
slovak proverb
“Do not regard as your own anything you may lose.”
slovak proverb
“The thing we fear, we soon dream about.”
slovak proverb
“Even a giant oak was once an acorn.”
slovak proverb
“You never know whom you may need.”
slovak proverb

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