The amazing Origami

Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. ORI means to fold and KAMI means paper. Together, they form the word, “origami.” It is an art form that has been handed down from parent to child through many generations. Origami involves the creation of paper forms usually entirely by folding. Animals, birds, fish, geometric shapes, puppets, toys and masks are among the models that even very young children can learn to make in just one sitting.

Pics from Origami workshop with “big maestro ” of Origami brasilian Márcio Felicio in Barcelona Spain.


“There are many possible directions to go from here. The current structure is folded only once. Like paper origami, it is possible to fold multiple times.”
Ming Wu


“The Origami project is really our first step toward achieving a big vision.”
Bill Mitchell


“Origami may someday even save a life.”

Robert Lang


“Tokyo was an origami city folded over and over until something was made of virtually nothing.”
Christopher Barzak, The Love (We Share Without Knowing)


“Creation out of nothing. I often say that origami is as close as you can get to that. It’s a piece of paper. Beyond that, you don’t need anything else.”

 Joseph Wu


“Origami fed my need to understand things, to solve problems, and to be creative all at the same time.” 

 Joseph Wu


“Folding paper, aligning paper-does it really bring happiness? I think it does.”

Joseph Wu

frog kiss

“The secret to productivity in so many fields — and in origami — is letting dead people do your work for you.”

Robert Lang

origami tulipan

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