Jaspinder Singh “Punjab – the magic land”

Informative and free talk about state of Punjab in India organized by Nataraja Associació Barcelona Spain.
Culture , lifestyle , clothing , customs , difference of life between a city and a villa , his clothes and dances with Jaspinder Singh.

And finish with all the energy of a small workshop Punjab Bhangra Dance taught by our special guest and speaker.

charla punjab

“Gana te rona sabh nu aaunda ae.”   (You’ll sing and you’ll cry. That is human.)

Punjabi Proverb

Jaspinder Singh

“Turban, a sign of pride/honor in Punjab.”

Jaspinder Singh Barcelona

“To Sikhs, the turban is more than what is a crown to a king or queen.”

Jaspinder Singh , Dev Nataraja

“Punjab, land of great kings ,saints and warriors.”

Jaspinder Singh sala Maktub

“Punjab the land of Bhangra.”

Punjab the magic land

“Punjab – India begins here.”

Punjab tourism slogan


” Punjab the land of five rivers.”


“Punjab – The Blessed Land of Gurus.”

cultura punjab

A baptized Sikh is to wear all five articles of faith. These articles are not merely symbols, they not only represent or identify a Sikh but also have deep meanings. five articles of faith natively known as Kakaars or Five K’s. The articles include Kesh (uncut hair), Kanga (comb), Kara (Bracelet), Kirpan (sword) and Kachehra (a special type of shorts).

Punjab Barcelona

 Bhangra dance is based on music from a dhol, folk singing, and the chimta. The accompanying songs are small couplets written in the Punjabi language called bolis.

sala Maktub conferencia Punjab

Bhangra is a traditional dance of North India, original from the Punjab region. Bhangra literally means “filled with joy”.

hindi culture

Bhangra singers employ a high, energetic tone of voice. Singing fiercely and with great pride, they typically add nonsensical, random noises to their singing. Likewise, often people dancing to Bhangra will yell phrases such as hoi, hoi, hoi; balle balle; chak de; oye hoi; bruah (for an extended length of about 2–5 seconds); haripa; or ch-ch (mostly used as slow beats called Jhummar) to the music.

Dev Kalandra Punjab

Traditional men wear a chaadra while doing bhangra. A chaadra is a piece of cloth wrapped around the waist. Men also wear a kurta, which is a long shirt. In addition, men wear pagri (turban) to cover their heads.

In modern times, men also wear turla, the fan attached to the pagri. Colorful vests are worn above the kurta. Phummans (small balls attached to ropes) are worn on each arm.

Women wear a traditional Punjabi dress known as a salwar kameez, long baggy pants tight at the ankle (salwar) and a long colorful shirt (kameez). Women also wear chunnis, colorful pieces of cloth wrapped around the neck.


“According to Hindu tradition, Bhangra is the dance of the tenth body, which corresponds to brightness and projection.”

bhangra Barcelona

” Every woman wears anklets, but only some can make them tinkle.”

punjabi proverb

bangra Dev Kalandra

“Bhangra dance is a form of communication between Earth and Heaven, which is represented in the body by the legs and arms. Its movements are strong and soft at the same time, and are initiated from the core or body-center which is key to be able to dance to any rhythm.”

dancing banghra

“This dance includes the basic movements of the ancient Hindu Dance: foot, hands, neck and eyes movements. It also incorporates hip movements, which provides a greater range of possibilities and rhythms to this dance.”

bhangra in sala Maktub

“Bhangra dance is one of the key influences to other modern Indian dances like Bollywood dance.”

Dev i Jaspinder

जान है तो जहान है

“If there’s life, then there’s the world.”

hindi proverb

Punjab the magic land

“If one is good, then the whole world is good.”

hindi proverb

punjab Barcelona dance

अंत भला तो सब भला

“If the end is good, everything is good.”

hindi proverb

Jasvinder and Mercé

जब लक्ष्मी तिलक करती हो, तब मुंह धोने नहीं जाना चाहिए

“When Lakshmi is doing tilaka, do not go to wash your face.”

hindi proverb

Nataraja Asociación

एक और एक ग्यारह हॊते है   “One and one make eleven”
Meaning: Unity is strength.

hindi proverb


“Hard work is key to success.”

hindi proverb


Bhangra’s intense rythm is extremely stimulating, it increases joy, vitality, elevates the soul and strengthens the Aura.

big hug Dev and company

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