Jiri Menzel czech director and Oscar winner

Jiří Menzel (nacido en Praga, el 23 de febrero de 1938) es un director de cine checo. Ganó un Óscar a la mejor película extranjera por Trenes rigurosamente vigilados, de 1966, basada en una novela homónima del escritor Bohumil Hrabal.


Jiří Menzel (born in Prague on February 23, 1938) is a Czech film director. He won an Oscar for best foreign film for Closely Watched Trains, 1966, based on a novel by writer Bohumil Hrabal

Jiri Menzel a Stanislav Skoda

“Good comedy should be about serious things, If you start to talk about serious things too seriously, you end up being ridiculous.”

Jiri Menzel

Jiri Menzel

Copies of books by Hrabal, Kundera, Skvorecky and others, were taken out of libraries and printers to be pulped. “But Hrabal’s wife worked at the recycling plant,” Menzel says, laughing, “so she stored these books and distributed them secretly to friends. I have many at home.”

Menzel selfie

“I was not alone – my whole generation fell in love with Hrabal.”

Jiri Menzel

Ostre sledovane vlaky Menzel

There’s a very key sentence that actually isn’t in the book but that occurs here [in the film], that “We Czechs do not make war.” That’s probably a pretty important leitmotif in Czech history.

Na samote u lesa Filmoteca Catalunya

It really seems like an appreciation of the good life at the worst of times.

Menzel: This is a wild contrast. If you want to draw someone’s attention to things that are black, you have to put them on a white background.

Na samote u lesa Menzel

“Apart from being a genius, modesty is my only character flaw.”

Jiri Menzel

Jiri Menzel na samote u lesa

” In my country there are no heroes, there are people who survive”

Jiri Menzel

Jiri Menzel and me

“never not so sad to not be merry”

Jiri Menzel

 Jiri Menzel Filmoteca

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