Sushi Idea Barcelona

I have to admit I love sushi and more since I found Sushi Restaurant Idea. It’s a small , tiny restaurant in Barcelona ,Sants district.


If you are looking for quality sushi, this is the place.  But if you are looking for one of the best value sushi places in Barcelona, this is also the place.  Excellent combination of both. Fresh, quick, friendly and clean. Mostly  I order: AGUACATE MAKI , ALBAHACA URAMAKI – delicious, especially tasty salmon with authentic basil flavor , RÚCULA URAMAKI – that was also quite good and very unique.  Excelent food, good quality for the best price. We paid for this arround 25 €. The service was speedy and friendly .

You can order to be a take-out with ” La nevera roja ” or other food website ” Just Eat

Now I can tell you I’m Sushi Idea addictive.


Address : C/ Comtes Bell Lloc 186, Barcelona, 08014


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