Liptov – treasure of Slovakia

  Allow me to invite you heartfully in one of the most beautiful and interesting regions of Slovakia.

The region of Liptov lies in the north of Slovakia and its north-eastern part borders on Poland. Its natural scenery is one of the most beautiful in Slovakia. The protection of the forests and natural monuments makes Liptov a guaranteed “green” region with pure nature.

I bring you just a small part  of it from our  walk into the nature Zhiarska Valley

(Žiarska dolina)


Žiarska chata

The way you call into the mountain is the way the echo will sound.

slovak proverb


Still waters run deep.

slovak proverb


What you reap is what you sow.

slovak proverb


After every storm comes the sun.

slovak proverb


Patience brings the roses.

slovak proverb


Evil herb never dies out.

slovak proverb


You can nowhere feel as good as at home.

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  1. amiri87 says:

    Looks beautiful place. Good idea to go there when the weather gets better next days 🙂


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