Singapore Airlines – ‘A Great Way to Fly’

Today we visit  Boing 777 of Singapore Airlines in Barcelona International Airport.

The crew of Singapore Airlines explained us how works  this giant inside and outside. This Boeing is half commercial and half cargo. We saw good work of airport staff to unload and load cargo , pumped the aviation gas  and tecnical control. We spoken with The captain and his crew about their flight from Singapore to Barcelona with tecnical stop in Milan cca 15h of flight.

The aircraft have 3 spaces for loads. In the first front part are loaded metal pallets called “plates ” . The plates are made of Aluminum, with vertical and horizontal slots point grip.

(photo source : TFW charter )

In the back part of aircraft there are 2 spaces . One space  for  containers called AKES and baggages. The second space is in the tail part of aircraft. This space is for perishable cargo , loose packages , bags, bundles, last minute cargo and live animals. Plates and Ake plates are shrink-wrapped because the difference in climate and humidity to prevent damage to the load then is stowed by netting or straps. The first part unloaded must be rear part to avoid lifting of the plane. For commercial aircraft the shipment can’t be more then 1,60m hight.

AKE container

Singapore Airlines Cargo offers a range of Aircraft Unit Load Devices (AULDs) designed to meet your cargo requirements. Whether you are transporting live animals, perishables or odd-sized cargo, Singapore Airlines ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination in good condition.

Click on the AULD type  to find out more.


The are 3 classes in the aircraft : The First class very wide with all conveniences .The cabin crew were friendly and polite.  On the tv, they had many selections of music, movies, shows and games and much more.

Long haul flights can be intimidating and tiresome, but not on the one with Singapore Airlines. All SQ Boeing 777 series aircraft, including this Boeing 777 have a 3-3-3 seat configuration on the Economy Class. This seat design,is meant for long haul flight, it is still much preferred than those on the other aircraft type.As usual, everyone is given a steamy fresh towel before the flight commence.

The Singapore Girls

Singapore Girl is a consistent visual advertising slogan applied to depictions of flight attendants of Singapore Airlines (SIA) dressed in the distinctive “Sarong Kebaya” SIA.

As part of efforts to build the image of the “Singapore Girl”, the airline runs a rigorous training program for cabin and flight crew .Singapore Airlines used to recruit only Singaporeans and Malaysians as cabin crew, but since 1995, in line with its global expansion, recruitment extended to other countries such as China, India,Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Some of the strict rules and regulations for the crew from head to toe include:

  • The airline requires flight attendants to colour their hair black or dark brown. Flight attendants cannot use highlights.
  • Flight attendants with long hair are to coil it into buns or French twists.
  • Male flight attendants are to sport short hair above their collar lines and sideburns no longer than the ear lobes. Fringes cannot touch their eyebrows.
  • Eyebrows must be shaped, and cannot be fake, be it drawn-on or tattooed.
  • Eye shadow must be of the colour prescribed by the company – either blue or brown, depending on skin tone.
  • No fanciful, dangling earrings allowed; only studs or pearls.
  • Lipstick colour must be among the few shades of bright red prescribed by the company. Pink or plum shades are forbidden.
  • No chains and necklaces allowed.
  • Only simple bracelets and rings can be worn. Only small and simple watches can be worn.
  • A spare kebaya must be brought for every flight, including short, one-hour flights.
  • Nail polish must be of the bright red colour prescribed by the company. Nails should not be chipped.
  • Toenails must be of the bright red colour prescribed by the company. If toenails are unpainted, stockings must be worn as a substitute.
  • Safety shoes or covered sandals must be worn during take-off and landing. At other times, flight attendants should wear their batik slippers.

Not only does the cabin crew of Singapore Airlines showcase beauty and elegance, but, most importantly, they also display hospitality and service that is often considered as the epitome of the airline industry. Their world-renowned service was once again rewarded with the 2010 SkyTrax Best Cabin Crew award and Business Traveler UK has also chosen it to have the Best Cabin Staff in 2009. A 2009 survey of 1600 travelers done by also came to the conclusion that SQ had the most polite staff of any airline in the world.

Come fly with me , let’s fly, let’s fly away ….Singapore Airlines ” A great way to fly ”
Thanks to Singapore Airlines & Air Logistics Group Barcelona to inviting us & thanks to Transforwarding to give us the opportunity live this learning experience.

Have a nice flight !

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Info from crew of Singapore Airlines

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