Manor-house Dolná Krupá – Countess of roses

The Manor – house ( Castle )  is among themost beautiful examples of rural classicist architecture in Slovakia . Already in his time, thanks Brunsvik Dolna Krupa became a place that is not only within the Empire, but also beyond its borders became famous art collections (especially art gallery), a large library, a collection of minerals, but also natural beauty the park. In a separate theater building (he existed in r. 1937) reported performance and active participation of the estate,the wife of Count Joseph, Mary Anna, rod. Majtényi ran for putting melodrama, for which he had to compose music L. v. Beethoven. According to oral tradition, the family was Dolna Krupa place where the composer composed his most famous piano piece – Moonlight Sonata. Members of the family receiving Choteklater contributed to the flourishing of agriculture and livestock, mainly famous estate at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries Mary Henrieta Choteková (1863-1946), still known as ” pink Countess ,” with its Rozario with more than 6000 roots roses and then complete collection severokrajných roses (the estate of Rudolf Geschwind).

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