Riyadh – undiscovered city

This is my own experience mine first 5 days in Riyadh. Thanks to  the destiny I lived moments that many people will can not to do. First thing : there is no turistic visa. Second: You need invitation letter and a sponsor to get visa. ( I get visa thanks to my work and I had opportunity discover this unknow country.) However, if you consider travelling here and exploring the place just like a typical tourist, you would probably have the second thought if you get aware of the limitations imposed in this country.

  • Known for its conservative practices, women are required to wear abaya and cover hair in public places. ( me as a foreinger was necessary only abaya, and thanks God for it. The abaya insulate external heat from my body)
  • Men and women are not allowed to mingle with each other.
  • Restaurants provide separate dining places for “single ” (only man) and families.
  • Only a few Saudi women are employed.
  • Women are not allowed to drive.
  • Consuming pork is absolutely prohibited and considered “haram” (sinful) under Islamic laws. Likewise, alcohol drinking is punishable
  • All malls, stores, and restaurants close every time Muslims pray which they do it five times a day.

Getting aware of these things, you would not probably include Saudi Arabia among the list of places you want to visit. You may think there’s no way to appreciate this place because of its restrictions, rules and peculiar practices even is not allow take pics. Few pics I took was with my mobile although I had my Canon with me.

Black is Back – almost all abayas are black and I came to break the rules.

Respecting the culture and rules is the key to open your eyes to the beauty of this place.



The sand from desert came to Barcelona airport to take  me to Riyadh 🙂20160730_173353

Its not my aircraft .  Turkish Airlines is the winner


A stop in Istambul


Views from the Kimgdom Tower


My home for 5 days


Outfit  for every day. Black is back ? I prefere the red one.


Inside in Kingdom Tower


The Kingdom Tower


The globe


Feed the Need KSA and we fill  it 20160804_10440320160804_123356

Delicious saudi caffee


Sand Storm


On my way to airport


Bye bye Riyadh …see you soon.

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