“Lost chicken” or “Easter Baba”

One of my favorite slovakian food called  Stratené kura ( lost chicken) or Velkonocna baba ( easter baba)  prepares for Easter usually after lent. My last Easter my aunt Alenka prepare this delicious food so I decide to make picture. Really this is my first photofood session and I hope you will like it. Here we go with the  recipe:

  • 2  baguettes
  • 12 eggs
  • 1 kg of smoked meat
  • 10 pieces of garlic
  • parsley leaves
  • nutmeg, salt, black pepper


First of all Alenka prepares all ingredients.


Grease the tin or bakery tray  and then crumb with bread. Swich on the oven on  200-220°C


The  baguettes she put on the water makes it more soft. After that take baguettes out of water and squeeze excess water.


Add persley leafs, yolks of eggs…


and smoked meat….


finely chopped garlic …


beaten  egg white…


salt, black pepper and nutmeg.


Mix  thoroughly  all together.


Pour off into tin or bakery sheet tray.


Ready for oven.  During  20-25 min  and 200-220 °C.

And this is what we get. Bon appetite or “Dobrú chut” en eslovaco.


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