El Vendrell – enchanting town

El Vendrell is a Spanish town located in Tarragona, Catalonia, in the wine-growing region of Penedès. I discovered this small town thanks to my friends. They invited me to come to visit them. I never imagine that El Vendrell is so amused city. We spend all day out in spite of  cold had that day. Wallart, statues  gives to this small town a lovely touch.

Wallart representing one of the most important and famous catalan tradition “castellers” human towers .


Pinturesque street in El Vendrell


Education is very important and family too


Something interesting is on town tower. Look !!!!


Let me try to go up 🙂


Time goes by so slowly…


we feel like an fairy tail or Hollywood studios…


with add some hindi moves and changed this place it into Bollywood  studio 🙂


Dance without music ? NO !!!! So let play 🙂 The cobla is a traditional music ensemble of Catalonia, Spain and in Northern Catalonia in France. It is generally used to accompany the Sardana, a traditional Catalan folk dance, danced in a circle


Ready to go to celebrate “fiesta mayor” or picnic


we spend very nice day in El Vendrell. Come and discover Catalunya.

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