Sushi is my favorite food. I’d eat it everyday if I could. Since it is such a popular delicacy and you can pretty much find it anywhere in the world, I make it my mission to try sushi everywhere. I go in an attempt to find the best sushi places in the world. Today I present you Wasabi Sushi bar in Trnava Slovakia. Trnava is a beautiful small town in Slovakia  but to find an amazing Japanese restaurant in an alley with a good sushi years ago was impossible. Finally in 2008 was open Wasabi Sushi bar. Really nice place with authentic atmosphere hidden in the city center of Trnava . Beuatiful and I felt really good. High quality food and sushi was simply delicious.


  You will feel like in Japan522483_10150714981711097_914026142_n

The best sushi in the town


You can’t resist to eat more


The last time I was in wasabi sushi was on my Bday. The wine was a gift from owner . An was sooooo good.


after good sushi  we took a good tea


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