Wadi Rum- one of most beautiful deserts

I have always loved desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams… Il dolce far niente …

It’s afternoon . I look outside the car window, the hot desert air is a swirling mess of blowing dust and sand. A quick glance at the car thermometer lets me know that it is more then 35ºC outside. We’re in Wadi Rum and the light is epic. Every fiber of my being is yelling at me to get out and start shooting, to get that perfect pic!

But there is another side, the side that made me keep my lens safe and clean in extreme weather.  Get my sensible side or let mine wild side run free?

I love deserts. It is always windy and there is almost always some type of suspended material in that wind – sand and dust. First, you’ll likely want to protect the front element of the lens with a UV filter (at a minimum).

One of my best tips for sandy or dusty conditions is, perhaps surprisingly, to use an underwater case for your camera. This may not be the least expensive fix, but it is certainly one of the best. Since you’re essentially waterproofing your camera equipment, you can be sure that fine grit, dust and sand won’t be able to get to your precious lens, either.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of damage a few grains of sand can do the delicate interiors of today’s cameras.

Ready to go Wadi Rum. View from Tetra Tree hotel Petra.20160906_121852

My camera ready to afront dust and sand.

20160906_121723First touch with Wadi Rum

20160906_170042Place where was filmed “Martian” with Mat Diamond.


Lawrence of Arabia lived here . And ofcorse here  was also filmed the movie about him.


Wadi Rum is also called Moon land ·


Tetra Tree Hotel organize one day photographic trips to Wadi Rum.


Find the best place to enjoy sunset.


You will see how the desert changed coulores every moment.


The silence is incredible.


Wadi Rum one of the most beautiful deserts.


We sit in silence and meditate


Just the sand , silence , sun and you


Its a good moment to wish .


Amazing colors on the montains


You can drive in desert with the car, camel or horse






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    I like your pictures!

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    Dear @cikitaokt thanks for visit my page , I’m happy you like my pics.


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