Yoga in The Status Quo Ante Synagogue in Trnava

I remember  the synagogue of Trnava as a ruine . Was beautiful but the same time very sad to see it. Now Synagogue is used for cultural events.

The synagogue, designed by the Viennese architect Jakub Gartner and built in 1897 on Halenárska street,  has been used as the Jan Koniarek contemporary arts center since 1994. The building was a ruined shell in 1990 — the restorers who converted it into the gallery two decades ago chose to retain and incorporate evidence of the devastation. The outer appearance was left to look unrestored, and inside, much was deliberately left looking unfinished. This treatment allowed the building to stand not just as a contemporary culture center, but, symbolically, as a memorial to the town’s 2,000 Jews who were murdered in the Shoah. (A large sculptural Holocaust memorial also stands outside near the entrance.)*

The new, €1 million restoration, carried out by the Trnava Self-Governing region with funding from the EU.

Trnava Status Quo synagogue, with Holocaust memorial in front


Inside decoration, now is used for cultural events like concerts, galery etc. This was my first time that I visited renovated Synagogue on Yoga class with presentation of yoga Guru   Vaclav Krejcik‘s Yoga book .


The sensation was amazing , full of magic energy , silent , art and body art.

Artist : Andrej Haršány: Walking


Artist : Andrej Haršány: Walking


Artist : Andrej Haršány: Walking

art-2Ready for yoga class


Presentation of the event and art in Synagogue. This is the first time that event like this took place in Synagogue. Thanks to Lucia Burešová , owner of  YogaPoint Trnava for great idea to conect yoga and art in a sacred place as important history as Sinagogue.


Lucia Burešova present us her yoga guru  Václav Krejčík autor of  many yoga books.


We start with meditation


One of many beautiful poses of Yoga that I can’t do now …but I will practice …I promise 🙂



Vaclav Krejcik sign books


After 2 hour of yoga …happiness


Thanks to Lucia, Vaclav and Maria for this special day . We hope that is not the last one.



After Yoga class comes tombola  🙂 And we win ….


the last photo of group  by Jana Kusovská Keketi   we are sooooo happy . Outside was rainy day by inside of Synagogue was shinny day 🙂


If you are interesting in Yoga in your journey to Trnava you can contact Lucia Buresova or come to Yoga Point Trnava

Yoga and art …perfect combination



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