Coconut balls – taste of home in Jordan

I´m traveling a lot and many  times I missing home. Good slovakian food or just any small dessert to taste. In every country there are lots of good sweets but time to time I try to prepare slovak dessert with ingredients similar to ours in  each country where I’m living . In Jordan I found biscuit called COFFEE TOY  with taste of coffee. So I thought will be good idea try to prepare simple slovak sweets callled KOKOSOVÉ GULKY ( read kokosove kulky) .


Here is recipe:

150 g  powdered sugar
250 g  butter
250 g  Coffee joy biscuits ( or any other bisquit)
2 tbsp cocoa power
a little bit of vanilla extract
shredded coconut for decoration


Biscuits grind on grinder, add powdered sugar , the cold butter , vanilla extract and cocoa. We prepare a stiffer mass from which we shape  balls. We are packaging them in grated coconut and stored in the cold.


Bon Appetite !


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  1. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    This looks so utterly fantastic!

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