Bangkok – my asiatic food experience

For many people, Bangkok is the gateway to the Southeast Asian world and is often scheduled as a stopover for a few days. I had opportunity to visite Bangkok not as turist but for work. You can imagine that my point of you of this city will be totally diffrent of all travel blogs.

When people tell me they hate Bangkok, I understand. The trafic is horrible. I find the town mix of cultures. Sometimes I felt I’m in China , India or Thailand.

My first touch with Thailand was trough  Bangkok airport and I felt in love with the architecture  . That is exactly what I  waited to see in  Tailand  lotus , temples and excellent food everywhere.


What I could not imagine what is waiting me in these 7 days.

First stop was in one of the best hotels of Bangkok called Centara Wolrd Center. This was my home for my stay in Thailand.

the view from my room


After leave my luggage in the hotel   my new  friends took me visit one of the most imresionant places in Bangkok called Asiatique. You will feel like in Miami 🙂

Next day form me was work, work work, and the best part of it was lunch time and dinner time. I had discovered new world in Bangkok. Bangkok may not have lot of “tourist attractions” the way that Barcelona, Prague and Wienna do but that’s OK. Bangkok is not that kind of city – this is a place to wander and  eat. During my stay I ate in korean, chines, japanese, spanish and  thailandese restaurants. Here comes my favorite:

MANGO TANGO: the best dessert . I love mango but I never thought that you can do all this desserts from it. Salsa, mango, puding mango, fresh mango, ice cream mango)


Bangkok is not a city that opens itself up easily, and most people spend just a day or two here before leaving to go to the islands or the jungle. I confess only temple I  saw was a small temple beside of  Hotel and in Airport.

For sure I need to comme back  as tourist 🙂

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