Kotlíkový Gulash -taste of summer

I love summers in Slovakia. The weather is fine, not too hot and the nature is beautiful.  Every summer we prepare with all family  special food called Kotlíkový guláš ( gulash).

Goulash is famous soup of hungarian origin . This recipe is slovak ,  gulash made in cauldron outside of the house by my family.

My father preparing fire



oil and lard
onion – 1 kg
beef – 700 g
pork meat – 300 grams
potatoes – 700 g
pepper – 400 g
tomatoes – 400 g
spices (salt, ground black pepper, marjoram, ground sweet red pepper or chili)

FERNET ( alcohol of czech origin ) is not ingredient. It is to spend time while cooking goulash …you can use any good drink as apperitive.


On medium heat, melt the lard first and oil and then put onions into the  cauldron .


Fried onions until golden, add the meat.


. Stirring constantly and let the meat caught color then put in the cauldron about a quart and a half of water. Let the water boil and then immediately add the chopped peppers and tomatoes and potatoes. Season with salt, add ground black pepper, sweet paprika, marjoram, or a little chlill.


Stirring constantly and  cook during 1h 30 min or 2h.


Gulash is ready !!!! Bon Appetite !!!!


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