Sushi Butique Scalini Riyadh

If you read my blog you should know that I love sushi. I try to taste sushi in every country or city I visited. You will wonder how different tastes and form to present sushi are.

Today I will present you Sushi Bar Butique Scalini in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I know…Scalini is not tipical name for sushi restaurant. But was a unique sushi in Riyadh I found and was near my house in one of my personal favorite areas in Riyadh is the Diplomatic Quarter, often referred to as “the DQ”. Best thing in my opinion for women is that abayas are not compulsory inside the DQ area.



Sushi Butique Scalini is not only sushi restaurant its also italian restaurant. So there was no mistake to go and try :).

Don’t be shocked , inside of DQ, it is permissible for non-Muslim ladies to not be in their abayas . So this is another big plus for the restaurant that makes me feel as at home. Good price and excellent food is one of the reason why guest come back…and I will for sure.

While waiting for my order they served to me with some fresh baked flatbread with finely chopped olives and ordered limon mint non alcoholic coctail  ( was sooooo good). I order Ceasar salat, sushi to try and rizotto.  After taste it all , this restaurant become my favorite in Riyadh.


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