Sushi in Buddha Brothers Bratislava

Bratislava, capital of Slovakia hides good restaurants. This time we have chosen to celebrate my B-day with my aunt Alenka in Bratislava , sushi bar called Buddha Brothers. Localization is straight in center of Bratislava so very easy to find. Situated beside of Danube (Park Inn)hotel. This restaurant was a pleasurable surprise when I came there for a first time. I wasn’t expecting much but food was super delicious.Budha Brothers has for me private atmosphere with excellent views  to the Danube river.


The view from our table to outside . There was small terrace and the view to SNP bridge one of the most famous bridges of Bratislava called also UFO bridge.


Decoration inside was warm , modern and cozy.


My favorite soup


Delicious sushi, so different from other places I visited. I like much the presentation of sushi.


Dessert  dont need comments…


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