The seven hills of Istanbul

Occasionally I meet people who wrongly assume that Istanbul is the capital of Turkey but even though it isn’t, it is still an important business hub and the number-one tourist destination of Turkey.

Recently, the most googled question was, “Is it safe to travel to Turkey, Istanbul?”          And, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but people do love to focus on what could go wrong in the world, rather than what could go right. People are more interested in the dangers of being in Turkey, rather than hearing about the wonderful experiences can have in the country.  Is safe to travel Turkey, Istambul as in another european cities threatened by terrorist attacks ( Paris, Brussels )

There are two airports in Istanbul but Ataturk airport is the busiest and most tourists will arrive via that route.


Before I visit Istanbul , I passed many times through Ataturk airport to go to  Dubai, Riyadh, Amman or Bangkok.


We spent 4 nights at Hotel Dedeman, it is a good hotel, clean, modern and comfortable. It is in an area not so touristic and therefore do not overwhelm so we can enjoy the city more quiet. The rooms are large, very well equipped. This is a bit far from tourist center but very close (we walked from hotel) to promenade of Arnavutkoy which I recommend to visit.


My favorite place in Istanbul – Arnavutkoy. Good food and quiet zone.




Taste of home in Istanbul



Blue Moon as third full moon of four in a season ocurred on August 21, 2013 when I visited Istambul. We celebrate it in romantic restaurant Park Fora.

“romantic dinner under the full moon”

Actually this was the best experience in Istanbul. Park Fora restaurant was recommended to us the driver (which charge for this from the restaurant) and I keep thanking to him for this tip. The food was more than delicious and fresh. The background music sounded Spanish – Staff very attentive. Our visit coincided with the full moon called BLUE moon was the largest full moon of the year. So we arrived in time to watch the moon rise. The restaurant is on the shore and in small park that is in promenade. After dinner we took walk in the park felt very safe with no problems and we enjoy it . Recommended 100%


Old city  beautiful jewel of Istanbul


I’ve comforted visitors who shed tears as the call to prayer plays over the city, because Istanbul has touched their heart like no other city has. And Istanbul touched my heart also.

How to say “I love Istanbul” in Turkish?

Istanbul’u seviyorum

Say that and the locals will love you back!


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