Casablanca – “It’s still the same old story/ A fight for love and glory…”

“It’s still the same old story/ A fight for love and glory…” famous quote from movie Casablanca. Nothing change , sounds, smell, taste all will remind you “Alf – laila -wa – laila”, Thousand and one night. Morocco is an incredibly destination.  It was a country where I felt in my element and like I was at home. Casalanca “ad-Dār al-Baīḍa” in arabicʾ in spanish means white house.


Modern part of Casablanca by day and night

Casablanca’s renowned Twin Center. With two skyscraper-like towers (having 28 floors each) named the East Tower and the West Tower, the Twin Centre is home of shops, offices and even a luxury hotel called Hotel Kenzi Tower . If you are in love with shopping, you cannot leave Casablanca without saying that you have bought a few things from its renowned Twin Center.

Arabic calligraphy in the entry of a house


Photography of tipical dresses in Morocco.


Start with visiting the completely extraordinary Hassan II Mosque. Built partly on the Atlantic, the building’s 210-metre high minaret makes it the tallest religious monument in the world. In fact, it can be seen over 30kms away – and as you can see, it really is a magnificent sight.


For a small fee, you will be taken on a tour inside the building. Remember to bring clothes to cover your shoulders and knees if you do this.


And it really is worth seeing – the construction work that has gone into this place of worship is simply magnificent.


Completed in 1993, it took 10,000 local artists and craftsmen helped to create the Hassan II Mosque. Now, it sits as the perfect centrepiece for this culturally-rich city. 25,000 people can fit inside the building, while a further 80,000 are able to pray outside.


That means a staggering 105,000 worshippers can gather for prayer at any one time – it’s the largest mosque in the world outside Mecca.


Casablanca’s beach and promendade near  Hassan II Mosque.


5 stars hotel Le Royal Mansour MERIDIEN Casablanca  is a luxury hotel in the Old Medina.  It opened in 1952 and was, and remains, the preferred hotel of the Moroccan Royalty and Nobility.  Lonely Planet describes it as “The cream of Casablanca’s crop of luxury hotels


Bustling downtown Casablanca will leave you feeling like you stepped into a time machine. French architects who embraced the Art Deco movement of the early 20th century practically took over Casablanca, and there are plenty of historic buildings to see. Some of them are unfortunately in crumbling disrepair while others are well maintained. Overall, this neighborhood is an authentic slice of Morocco’s history as a French colony.


This building with Moroccan flag on the top is located on Av. Hassan II just opposite to Place Mohammed V. It Is Palais de Justice = Palace of Justice.

I’ve found it another great example of modern French-Arab architecture. And as always the area where official (government) buildings stand are the cleanest :-).


the watermen stroll around selling sips of water from their brass cups. They also charge lots of money to pose for photographs, so this was the only photo I managed to get.


Place Mohamed V the “Administrative Center” of Casablanca. The major surrounding buildings have been built in the first half of the 20th century.


Old and new door design.

Casablanca Medina clock tower entrance

Train station of Casablanca –  I took the train to the airport


See you soon Inshallah

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