Košice – The City of Peace

Kosice  is the second largest city in Slovakia. The city prides on being known as “The City of Peace” thanks to non-violent ethnic and national tolerance throughout its history.

For those who don’t know where Kosice is, all they have to do is to look in eastern Slovakia, near the border with Hungary. But did you know also that it was the first town in Europe to be granted its own coat of arms? And that the oldest annual marathon in Europe takes place here?


The train REGIOJET will takes you from Bratislava to Kosice in 5h will all confort as free WIFI, free small botlle of water and tea or coffee and only for 15 to 30 Eur.. Then  you can buy drinks or meal from menu card.  Once you get off at the railway station or the bus station, from the first steps one can understand the uniqueness of Kosice


When you reach Kosice, you will probably realise the same thing as me: although it is a modern city which is among the best preserved in Central Europe and gives you the impression that it is a place which has remained unchanged over the years.


Andy Warhol  Art on streets of Kosice


A few minutes you will reach the most characteristic landmark of the city. Of course we are talking about the St. Elizabeth Cathedral (or Dóm svätej Alžbety as it is known in Slovak). It’s the easternmost Gothic cathedral in Europe, works on it began in 1378. The building is stunning both inside and outside and the view from the tower is breathtaking and definitely worth taking 160 stairs up!

The majority of the attractions you want to see are around the Main street: next to the Gothic complex.


We visited Kosice for my Birthday on december and there were the ice statues in the park between the Cathedral and National Theatre. With the cold we had  was like be in the Elsa kingdom 🙂


How to get to Kosice

Kosice is easily accessible by train, bus or plane from numerous places around. The international airport is served by low cost airline Wizzair also  there are other nearest airports like  Budapest, Vienna or Bratislava . There’re direct trains to Budapest (3.5 hours), Bratislava (5 hours) or Prague (8 hours) and bus services to Cracow (6 hours).

Where to eat in Kosice

Again, there’re numerous options for dining out. We chose  MEDITERRAN restaurant with daily menu.for good price. Kosice has some really great cafes as well, like „Smelly cat”, named after everyone’s favorite tv show „Friends”.



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