Slovak vegetarian food

Slovakia may be a pork lover’s paradise, but vegetarians traveling in Slovakia needn’t worry.There are plenty of meatless options for vegetarians if you only know what to order.  Cabbage, potatoes, and carrots are staples in most dishes, and salads usually consist of tomatoes, cucumber, and onions.  Lunch is considered the main meal of the day, and you are always presented with a delicious soup to start.

Bryndzové Halušky [ brin-dzo-ve ha-lush-ky]: This is one of the national dishes of Slovakia, and is essentially potato dumplings with a delicious white sheep cheese sauce topped with chive.  It’s not so difficult to make, so we suggest finding it in our recipes and try it.  If you’re ordering from a restaurant, make sure to request this sans bacon.


Vyprážaný karfiol : [ vy-praa-dza-ny Kar-fiol] fried cauliflower .  It’s typically complemented with  cooked potatoes or puree potato.


Vyprážaný Syr [vi-pra-ja-nee seer ]: fried cheese…enough said.  This is another one  national  delicious food .  It’s typically complemented with  fried potatoes and tartara sauce.


Lokše [lok-shay]: thin pancakes made from potato dough.  They resemble a crepe, but taste more like a tortilla.  After cooking the pancake in an UNGREASED frying pan, you can fill it with sauerkraut (cabbage) or cheese.  Sweet fillings, like jam or poppy seeds, can also be used, but salty version is definitely the more traditional way.


Zemiakové Placky [ze-mia-ko-veh  plat-skee]:  fried pancakes made from potato. This is my favorite one. Potatoes pancakes are made from potatoes, garlic, majoran, egg and flour and then all together fried.


Špenát  [shpe- naat ]:  Spinach in 2 forms. The first as a soup   with croutons and other  typically complemented with potatoes and egg.

Sweet Slovakia Food

 Slovak cuisine is famous for sweet dishes  especially the following dishes:

Ryžový nákyp – sweet baked rise cake with fruits .


Parene buchty – steamed dumplings (steamed buns ) filled with jam with sweet toping (cocoa or poppy)

All the recipes I’ll post on my blog soon.

Dobrú chuť!  Bon appetite !

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