The Year in Review: Your 5 Favourite Stories of 2016


It’s the first day of the new year 2017! I hope you’re all excited about the future and feeling happy about starting a brand new year. Let’s take a look back on 2016. This year, we posted a total of 53 stories with 9150 views, 1440 visitors and 306 likes. Here are your 5 favourite stories of 2016!


“Friends that dance together, stay together.”

Photos of Barcelona dance event.


2. Lisi – Photo session

Lisi is brasilian girl studing in Barcelona  who has very clear things. She wanted a photo session and we did. We did inside and outside photos with touch of elegance and natural beauty.   She wanted something different .



3. Aisha – Photo session

Time ago I had no idea that the song I sang to my friend Kristina will have consequences in something so beautiful like her daughter. Aisha beautiful eyes of czech mother and mischievous smile of  uruguay father born in cosmopolitan Barcelona. An angel that comes to our lifes and change everything.  The littlest feet did the biggest footprints in our hearts.


4. Yoga in the Status Quo Ante Synagogue in Trnava

I remember  the synagogue of Trnava as a ruine . Was beautiful but the same time very sad to see it. Now Synagogue is used for cultural events.


5. Jerash – Jordan’s other rediscovered trasure

Jerash had long been on my mind but I had only recently read about the Roman ruins  that  is one of the best preserved sites of Roman architecture outside Italy. It is Jordan’s second most popular tourist site …and it is only a 30 minute drive from Amman!



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