It has become one of the most emblematic monuments of the region of Maresme.

This castle is located between the towns of Mataró, Argentona and Cabrera de Mar, in a position where visually controls the coast . The 11th Century “Castell de Burriac” is a small medieval castle with fantastic views of the Maresme Coast, Montseny and Barcelona. The castle is located at the top of Burriac hill at an altitude of 401m. The only way to get there is on foot or by mountain bike. The itinerary to reach to Burriac castlle  includes two of several ascents to do in Castle Burriac, in this case from Argentona and Cabrera. We did it both ways.

From Cabrera de Mar

From Argentona

Lenght: 5,33 km                     Ramp: Medium                                 Time: 1h 30min                         Difficulty: Fácil Lenght: 10 km                       Ramp: Medium-high                         Time: 2h 10min                 Difficulty: Media

You should allow between an hour and a half and two hours to complete the walk. This includes time to eat a picnic and enjoy the views. The feature of the landscape, hills covered in a blanket of vegetation consists primarily of pine forests of pine and Mediterranean oaks,

The real name of the castle that rises above the turó (Hill) Burriac is Castell de Sant Vicenç, in honor of the medieval chapel dedicated to St. Vincent, which is one of the first buildings in the area. Burriac name not documented until the fourteenth century, in the year 1313. The castle was built on a former defense tower.

A highly recommended place to hike, watch good views, picnic or stroll animals is a way of affordable difficulty, and can be performed even with children.


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