Walnut wheels – Orechové kolieska

As I already wrote, I’m from Slovakia. Every sunday in each solvak kitchen smell homemade cookies, gingerbreads, mini cakes that all look and taste delicious. My favourite are Orechové Kolieska (Walnut Wheels) are made with dough called linecké cesto shortbread dough and then filled with walnut stuffing and each is dipped in dark chocolate.

I’ll be posting new Slovak recipes one at a time…

We need :
200 g of  flour
150 g butter
80 g of powdered sugar
1 egg yolk
1 vanilla sugar

Stuffing cream
100 g nuts
2 PL rum
60 g of powdered sugar
1 vanilla sugar
2 PL water
pinch of salt


100 g of chocolate
100 g margarine

We prepare a dough, we rolling dough and cut the wheels. Bake them at 170 ° C. Prepare stuffing mixing the sugar with hot water, add the walnuts and finally the rum and blend it. Half of baked and cooled wheels fill with walnut filling and connect with the other wheels.  The knotted wheels cover with chocolate glaze and decorated with half walnuts.



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