Erase un hotel …Madrid

Erase una vez…Unce upon a time ….

I love fairy tales , I believe in miracles, I’m sure in each women there is a small princess . That time I had a very important event in Madrid and I was searching for a special hotel , a hotel that will make that weekend special . When I found Erase una vez hotel I fall in love with the bed  with the crown of princess on it. I just wonder if  they will treat me as a princess 🙂

here were several very positive impressions that I would highlight from my stay at this cute hotel.
The most important, the friendly, close and efficient service of all its staff. Also, I was thrilled by the theme of its decoration, which maintains in all its facilities and that so much honor makes its name … not to stop believing, keep the Hope, in short, to me personally made me feel special!

Quotes as “I deserve to be happy” , “I have the right to be happy” and “The world you want can be won, exists is real and possible, is yours” for me was as a power message becouse I’m coach and PSYCH-K facilitator and this quotes are part of change of beliefs.
The room, as requested, quiet and quiet, perfect, very functional and welcoming, and the cleanliness unbeatable!
All in all, a lovely and efficient hotel! An effective staff, very friendly and helpful.

A special weekend in Madrid – EU Gold award for work in Coaching an this cute hotel made it possible.

WEB: Erase un hotel 


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