About me

screenshot_20160924-200059Every time a photo is shot, believe me, is changing to a lesser or greater extent the life of tens or even thousands of people, those who watch, enjoy and live each of the photographs. Each of the photos you just watch has sparked a flood of emotions. You just live many short stories. You know my particular vision of Snow White and her stepmother, Audrey Hepburn, magazine fashion boy, have traveled with me to around the world and discover cultures and gastronomy .



Neither you had noticed.
That’s the power that hides the picture

Nadia Cisarova

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Thank you, Nadia



1. Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
Destination: Jordan- Wadi Rum // Watch: Movie or Trailer

2. Marco Polo (2007)
Destination: China // Watch: Movie or Trailer

3. Kasbah (2000)  ESP (Mariano Barroso)
Destination: Morocco // Watch:Movie or  Trailer

4. Eat, Pray, Love (2010) 
Destination: Italy, India, Bali  // Watch: Movie or Trailer

5. Under the Tuscan sun (2003) 
Destination: Italy  // Watch: Movie or Trailer

6. A good year (2006) 
Destination: Italy  // Watch: Movie or Trailer

7. Indiana Jones and the last Crusade (1989) 
Destination: Petra, Jordan  // Watch:Movie or  Trailer

8. Walking in the clouds (1995) 
Destination: Petra, Jordan  // Watch: Movie or  Trailer

9. The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980) 
Destination: South Africa // Watch: Movie or  Trailer











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